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Elevate support

Steven Hagting shared this idea 16 days ago
Needs Review

AlmaLinux has created the Elevate project which allows the upgrading of CentOS 7 to AlmaLinux 8 (or other RHEL-8 distros).

Though I'd always recommend a fresh reinstall, the Elevate project seems to work flawlessly for CentOS 7 standalone installations and DirectAdmin installations based on CentOS 7.

Plesk and cPanel however seem to be unable to use this process at this time. On a cPanel + CentOS 7 installation you'll be able to log in to your OS after the process is complete, but cPanel won't be able to launch due to a package error (related to Additionally, yum and dnf don't work.

I'd like to ask if cPanel could also look into the possibility of supporting the Elevate project so that existing cPanel users working with CentOS 7 can also use this project if they so choose.

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