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Ability to upload image to Site Publisher

coolcom shared this idea 5 months ago
Needs Review

As a web-hosting provider, I have come to appreciate the "EZ Start" capability that the Site Publisher provides to new users. It is an encouraging step for new users as they get to see some initial results quickly and move on to wanting more. It's also a great tool for getting clients to make use of additional domains.

I would like to see the "Image URL" field improved on the templates that use it, so that it automatically provides the function of actually uploading the image to the already existing asset folder. As it sits right now, we need to provide access to File Manager and teach the client how and where to upload an image... and how to link to it... which somewhat defeats the "Do It Myself" advantage of this starter feature.

Uploading avatars and photos to customizeable pages is a somewhat standard feature now on the net... would it not be easy to provide this feature to Site Publisher?

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