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Be able to choose home directory on account create and backup file restoration

Viktor Kepes shared this idea 15 months ago
Not Planned


Let me explain our environment first. In our server we have two different RAID storage volume for website homes: one with fast SSDs but with limited capacity and one with HDDs which is slower but has a lot of capacity.

We individually consider which disk to create an account on.

The main problem is that cPanel tends to create sites to the storage that composed with HDDs since this has a lot of free capacity and we have to move the sites manually to the SSD if we want the site there.

Cpmove backup restorations also targeted to the slow HDD because of there is much more space and after it we have to move the account manually to the /home on ssd.

We would like to able to choose the home directory on new account creation process and on cpmove backup restoration process too.

We know the default home directory is configurable in whm but it doesn't respect this setting on new account creation and cpmove backup restoration: it creates on the dish which have more free space but please don't presuppose that home disks are equivalent.

Please kindly investigate this issue.

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Howdy Viktor,

Thanks for the feedback. I can definitely see the value in wanting this level of control. It's not currently on our roadmap so I'm going to mark this not planned for now, but I'll circle back when we have more information.

Dustin Scherer (he/him) | Product Owner | @dustinscherer

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