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Remove 8 character 'uniqness' requirement for usernames with MySQL 5.7+

Brian N shared this idea 23 months ago
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As stated here:

If you plan to use MySQL® [...], the first eight characters [of a username] must be unique on the system.
Indeed, this was an issue in MySQL 5.6 and older due to its username limit of 16 characters. However, since MySQL 5.7 that limit has been increased to 32 characters and thus the restriction in cPanel should no longer be necessary when using that database (or later ie 8.0).

For reference, this restriction was removed for MariaDB users years ago in 11.56

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It sounds as though you might have prefixing enabled, you can check this at WHM>>Server Configuration>>Tweak Settings >> SQL -> Require a username prefix on names of new databases and database users. The 8-character limit should no longer be enforced on cPanel v102 and higher with prefixing enabled as well if you're using MySQL 5.7 or greater.


That's good news if so. I don't see any mention of it in the release notes though. We're on LTS and I did confirm the restriction was still present in 94. I will have to re-test on 102.

Yes, this is related to database prefixing. It's been a while but IIRC the restriction exists(ed) regardless of prefixing being enabled or not.


Hi Brian,

It's not in the release notes but it is in the changelog CPANEL-37914 as fix DB prefixing.

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