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Allow by default at least 3 emails per contact on CardDAV

Celso shared this idea 17 months ago
Needs Review

As a cPanel User I would like that CardDAV would allow by default at least 3 emails per contact. If one wants to synchronize contacts between different software (Thunderbird, eM Client, Android, Roundcube, etc), the default for cPanel doesn't allow this simple and needed feature. Allowing this would make cPanel CardDAV feature a more reasonable alternative to Google Contacts and other 3rd-party solutions, but also allowing the users to have their hands on their own data.

According to this (link) this feature is already possible, but since it needs to be activated in every update, it's an hard case to present it to a web-hosting provider, given the risks of broking the contacts list (like losing the other emailcontacts of a person on an update).

I would even go foward and make it to allow at least 5 emails like: "Email", "Home", "Work", "Other1", "Other2". Ideally one could even syncronize as much emails as ones whishes with personalized emailcontacts names (e.g. "KindleMail") (Similar to Google Contacts).

Thank you.

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