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Ability to set up BOTH Incremental AND Compressed Backups

Crazy Serb shared this idea 5 months ago
Needs Review

It blows my mind that this is not an option already, as we could kinda sorta do this before the Legacy Backups were removed from WHM.

But right now, there is no more an option to set up more than one type of backup.

What if you have Incremental backups running but you want to have Compressed backups as well, at least weekly, if not daily as well, in case of any major issues and catastrophes so that you have full cPanel backup you can restore accounts from (which, from my understanding, is not available or possible with Incremental backups)?

You're out of luck at the moment.

It would be great if this Backup interface could be revamped a little bit, and made to look more like JetBackup interface, allowing multiple destinations, multiple backup jobs and multiple types of backups running at the same time, as well as specifying more accurate times during the day when to run those backups.

But in absence of all those features, I am sure most of us would settle for just having an ability to set up Compressed backups to run daily or weekly alongside the Incremental backups we can use to restore specific files/folders easily, since it seems that those two types of backups each serve a slightly different purpose, and it sucks that we are forced to pick sides and can only choose one of the two.

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I'd like to add that it seems like it shouldn't be a big problem to create an option to make incremental compressed backups to full compressed backups set up at regular intervals. After all, this is what I do using Acronis on the local network.

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