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AutoSSL fail-over

Wesley Haegens shared this idea 5 months ago
Needs Review

Apparently it's possible that your provider is too busy to provide certificates for a long time and expiring certificates on your hosted websites.

I suggest a fail-over system where a secondary provider will be used if the primary is unavailable to provide certificates and the installed certificate is about to expire in n days.

Unless DNS settings prevent this of course.

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Excellent idea. I just had a 'rate limiting' issue with the current provider. Allowing for multiple providers gives us some load-balancing/fail-over protection.


We just had an issue where all of a sudden cPanel/Septico didn't issue certificates for all subdomains on a domains for some reason. Needed to manually switch to Let's Encrypt to get all certificates. Didn't even get a warning in the system. Only noticed it when trying to go to one the subdomains.

Hope that this would fix it.

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