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Continue sending all emails apart from to the one email address with an error

Glen Newell shared this idea 16 months ago
Needs Review

As a cPanel User, I would like cPanel email to send emails to every correct address listed in the address bar when there is one incorrectly written email address in the address bar, so that one error doesn't prevent every other recipient from receiving the email.

I use my cPanel email account via Gmail. I sent an email to 60 recipients. One email address was written incorrectly and contained the ASCII character ñ. This caused none of the 60 recipients to receive the email, and I received 60 error emails.

I tested sending the email to one correct email and one email address containing a ñ, using Gmail directly. Gmail successfully sent the email to the correct email address, and returned one error email for the one incorrectly written email address. I would like this behaviour while using the cPanel email.

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