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Enable quotas on quotas on any mount point even if it contain a backup destination

tui shared this idea 15 months ago
Needs Review

As a server administrator i would like to use my mount points (drives or disks) as a backup destination and for my accounts and enable quotas on it.

At this point, cPanel does not allow to use quotas on mount points (not-root) that have a backup destination but it allow to enable in root drive, the exact message is:

"To prevent performance degradation, the system automatically disables quotas on non-root filesystems that contain a backup destination."

How is possible to use quotas on root disk that handle OS, CPANEL, WEBSERVERS AND APPS, ACCOUNTS, QUOTA and BACKUP but not on mount points that only handle ACCOUNTS and BACKUPS... it has not sense at all.

At this times, attach bigger disks to servers is something that every server admin does every day, and the main reason to add bigger disk is to handle more data, and for more data i mean, accounts and backups.

Without quotas enabled on a mount point, it breaks the limits we can put on accounts; by default, cPanel create new accounts on the disk that have more space, and is obviously that you are going to make backups on the newer disk, so every new account that you create after mount the new disk is now limitless.

In my case i use remote-incremetal backups and i only use the backup destination while it is transferred to the destination server, it deletes the backup after transfer is finished, so at the end im not using the disk as a backup destination, however it dont allow me to enable quotas.

Modern and recent hardware is extremely fast, i dont understand why cPanel does still limiting this.

Im glad that cPanel is focusing on useless themes in recent years rather than see what is really needed and what cPanel needs to be better and useful.

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