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Jupiter Theme - Make Option to disable Solution Page in cPanel

VCServer shared this idea 19 months ago

Please add the new "Solution Page" as a feature option in the WHM Feature List so that it is possible to disable the Solution Page with the "disable feature list".

The solution page in the new Jupiter theme is not useful for our customers, quite the opposite:

1. our customers don't speak English. But all the content of the solution page is in English only.

2. We use plugins such as JetBackup, so certain descriptions such as cPanel Backup do not apply to us. This then misleads our customers.

3. We have our own very extensive help page for our customers, where we have already described all important topics in German for our customers. An additional page with English help that is not tailored to us only confuses our customers.

The Solution Page may be an interesting feature for some cPanel users, but it is neither interesting nor useful for our customers. On the contrary, it creates uncertainty among our customers and many cannot do anything with the information because of the language.

It is therefore important that we as server operators have the option of deactivating the solution page in the cPanel. The easiest way to do this would be to use the "disable feature list".

For almost every function in the cPanel there is the possibility to activate or deactivate it using the feature lists. But the solution page is missing from the feature lists.

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Same here (Spanish customers), and please do the same for the WordPress toolkit for those of us that use different solutions.


We really need a full dashboard in WHM to customize all these Jupiter things.

For example:

- been able to modify the "Solutions" page, to link our own Knowledge Base

- been able to choose which link we want to promote in the right sidebar, or even totally disable this new right sidebar (it takes 15% of the screen for nothing)


I'll 2nd Nicolas' requests. At the very least, the Solutions link needs to be optional. I want to link to my knowledge base & more so send clients my direction with needs.


I guess I'm not surprised that "new" translates into "not helpful" so easily. Over time I'd gotten a customized version of the default cpanel theme in place that had the right branding and access to the right tools that worked well for me and my clients. Having pages with links to external sources of info is not helpful, and it weakens my brand. It's an argument against continuing the use of cPanel as a control panel for hosting. The huge price increase a few years back almost did it for me, but if we end up only being able to tweak colors and add a few links, that's going to make cPanel just about useless for me.


Thank you, everyone.

With your feedback here and other places, we realized that the Solutions section was causing more confusion than it solved so we're going to pull it out in its entirety from v102. We hope to build out a more complete, customizable, and helpful set of guided tours of the interface in later releases; When that happens, we'll bring back that Solutions link.

Regarding translations, we recently found and addressed the blockage in our translation pipeline which prevented large amounts of our UI from being translated. I'll have more to share as we get our strings flowing out to our translators and back again, but we hope to have full coverage of our UIs very soon.

There's a few other things happening in Jupiter :2083 and :2087 that I talk about over in that's worth a read as well.


Thank you for deciding to remove it for now. I don't think it hurts to have tours or links or resources available, but forcing them into place will anger a large number of users. I've noticed in recent years a number of software services that claim to be customizable and essentially consist of allowing you to add a logo and change a background color. In my opinion, that's the bare minimum if customization is to be allowed. I've been getting frustrated trying to figure out how to create a similarly customized version of jupiter in order to switch over, but it's felt like my wings are clipped. Previously, with the paper lantern theme customized I was able to modify things with a custom background image, colors, change links, contact info, etc., and was able to use cPanel as an effective tool for my hosting (despite the huge price increase). Just putting it out there for the record - if there comes a time that I can't use cPanel without frequent links to things like site builders (which any web designer is not going to want undercutting them) being included, it'll force a move to some other control panel. After the price increase, I had looked at some possibilities, but wasn't eager to switch away from something I'd used for so many years. I'm really hoping I don't end up feeling that cPanel leaves me behind instead. :-(


Thank you for deciding to remove the solution section, I'm not sure why not now? its full of crap and confuse users.

I hope cpanel spends more time on end-user experience, maybe more than thinking about how to increase prices and upsell services.

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