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Ability to add/switch mail encryption from the default

Unnamed User shared this idea 15 months ago
Not Planned

We have faced the need to migrate from non-CPanel platforms multiple email accounts that used a different encryption method - particularly blowfish crypt (blf-crypt). Whilst dovecot supports this right out of the box in 11.100 (and probably all newer versions to date) and allows authentication when modifying the hash in the mailboxes /home/user/etc/domain/shadow file, webmail refuses to accept a different authentication method and denies access.

Would it be possible to consider adding different encryption methods or, at least, consider an easy way to switch it from the default sha512?

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Thanks for your feedback! I know there is interest in expanding the offering here in the future, but it's not currently on our roadmap. I'm going to mark this not planned, and will come back and update with new information as the roadmap evolves.

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