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Wordpress Toolkit clone option to exclude files !

Creative-Minded shared this idea 4 months ago
Needs Feedback

There should certainly be a possibility to exclude files with the wordpress toolkit when you want to push a website to a staging environment or clone.

When you now get stuck and get error messages due to a certain file, you have no option to exclude these files, so that the entire migration/push cannot be completed

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Thank you for this feedback. I've shared your request with the project lead. Please continue to vote for this functionality if you have interest.


Thank you for the reply

I would like to make an additional comment, the same goes for database tables and rows



I think it is very useful, it often happens that you have to clone a site for testing, and often these have upload folders that weigh several gigabit. In these days one of 90gb.

It would be very useful to be able to choose to exclude this folder or part of it.

I don't think this is a feature that needs to be rated. Its usefulness is almost obvious. It should already be there.

Thank you


I've +1 this feature request. Excluding the /uploads/ and /cache/ directories is a must for quick troubleshooting on a large website (+50Gb of images for instance). Impossible de quickly clone large website on limited storage for now. Thanks!

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