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Pruning of bandwidth data

Darryl Tse shared this idea 4 months ago
Open Discussion


We're in a situation where we have a number of servers that have been running cPanel for some time, and their /var/cpanel/bandwidth directories have grown large some over 30GB with individual .sqlite files over 1GB.

Currently there is no way via cPanel to prune old data, some of these sites have been transferred from other servers and have bandwidth data going back over 15 years. Some servers also have this bandwidth data stored on a smaller SSD partition which this bandwidth data is consuming a significant proportion of.

I would like the option to prune old bandwidth data, for example to only keep bandwidth for the past 1 year with any bandwidth data older than 1 year ideally exportable for archive storage when deleted, though archival would be a secondary goal with just being able to prune these to reduce the size the primary objective.

Obviously without a method to prune this data will continue to grow in size and much like log rotations etc. it seems there should be a method to avoid this infinite growth.

Thanks for your consideration.

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Hello Darryl,

I am interested in if this request gains any more attraction! I've set the request to Open Discussion.

Would you prefer to manage bandwidth for your customers, or would you prefer that your customers knew how to manage their disk quotas better?


Hi Kelli, I'm in the same boat as Darryl and am confused by your question. I too want an option for cpanel to automatically prune old bandwidth data. What does that have to do with user disk quotas?


Hi Jeff,

My question came from another line of thought: There was an idea floating around to allow end users to be able to manage their disk space better, by giving them an easy 'clean up' button, and I thought bandwidth data could be one of those things that get cleaned up. I've since learned that bandwidth data is actually owned by root. So my previous question really belongs in another discussion all together.

This feature request, as it is specifically asked, should stay the focus for discussion :)

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