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Add user request parameter to WHM API get_domain_info call

Michael Storm shared this idea 5 months ago
Already Exists

We would like the option to get the add on domains of specifik users using the WHM API.

Currently get_domain_info returns all clients and their domains.

A simple fix would be to add the &user=xxx paramter to the request in order to get info on a specifik user, in the same way as the suspend_outgoing_email request works.


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Hi Michael,

Thank you for this request. You should be able to do this already using the WHM API 1 Filter Output feature:

If you would like to try it over command line, it would look something like:

whmapi1 get_domain_info api.filter.enable=1 api.filter.a.field=user api.filter.a.arg0=useraccount
That command would return all domains tied to "user: useraccount".

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