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NGINX Manager - Flush or disable nginx cache at a subdomain level

Joseph Crowell shared this idea 15 months ago
Not Planned

Many sites have a development subdomain on a host along side the main site domain. Changes to the javascript on the subdomain require a cache flush in NGINX before they will take effect. When developing this can happen every 10 minutes and results in the production site's cache being constantly flushed, affecting performance. It would be great to alleviate this issue by being able to flush or disable cache for NGINX on a subdomain level.

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Hi Joseph,

I understand you are wanting to keep cache up for your production site and also disable caching for the staging and development of the same site. Unfortunately we are not able to get to this request at this time, however I am interested to see if this request gets more votes, and also to add some information that might be able to help you. If you are able to create a second cPanel account for site development, then you have a workaround available:

On a server in which the admin has enabled the Nginx Caching feature, caching is controlled at the cPanel account level. On the cPanel index page, one can choose to clear the cache by finding the 'clear cache' button in the General Information panel. Through API, there are a few more options available.


Definitely want more granular control here as well.

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