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On Terminate Account screen display column with reason why account is suspended

Studio4web shared this idea 8 months ago
Not Planned

Hi, as a sysadmin, I often have to terminate multiple accounts transferred to other servers, so on the Terminate Account screen I select option to display all suspended accounts, but from this screen I don't know which accounts have been suspended because they are transferred and which one have been suspended for any other reason. Then I have to go to List Suspended Accounts screen, write down all transfered and then check them on the Terminate Account screeen. This is prone to human errors, as one can accidently check some other accounts that have been temporarily suspended just because of payment issues, etc., and it's time consuming and tedious.

So, on that Terminate Account screeen one column "Suspend Reason" will be very handy and useful.

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Thanks for the feedback Studio4web! We have plans in the future to really dig into that core account experience and improve that system. It's not currently on our roadmap while we focus on other things, so I'm going to mark this Not Planned, but I'm adding a note to my design documents for these future improvements and will update here as we have more information.

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