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Missing in Jupiter: Searching for "PEAR" no longer produces any results for PHP Extensions

Chris D. shared this idea 18 months ago
Transitioned to Case

Upon upgrading to 102.0.8 I can no longer get to the Module Installers / PHP Extensions and Applications Package page by searching for "PEAR" within WHM.

I had to dig through the left hierarchy until I managed to find it. This should be addressed.

I actually like the general direction of the new WHM theme but agree with others that it is not ready to be forced as the sole option while there are significant usability disruptions like this, and from one day to the next now suddenly you can no longer find settings or features.

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You may have actually found a bug, as its our intention to preserve that query+result pairing.

As a related aside: we are adding back filtering in the left navigation that behaves similarly to the filtering that was there in previous versions. Look for PH-18009 in our changelogs for when that will arrive. (I've got more information on this over in this forum post as well)


I've moved this to our internal bug tracker. You track it's release using the case ID: CPANEL-40408

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