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Better Basic Webhost Manager home directory control

Jason Hayes shared this idea 14 months ago
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I have a server with four drives on it. One I use JUST for the OS, WHM, and any other software (ffmpeg, WHM plugins, etc.)

I'm using Basic WebHost Manager® Setup's two home directory settings but it's confusing to use and appears to only work for two drives. Also, can you mount more two drives as home?

I'd like more granular control to specify the home directories for 3 or more drives.

It would be better if it had these fields

Enter location user's home directories

  • Default (/home)
  • blank field (enter anything)

Additional home directories...

Default (home)

blank field (enter anything and separate multiple drives with a comma or a pipeline)

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What would be your expected behavior of the system when it goes to create the next user account?

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