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Enabling/Disabling PHP Modules for cPanel accounts

Jason Hayes shared this idea 14 months ago
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I'm used to using CloudLinux but recently switched to Ubuntu.

CloudLinux allows you to simply check a box to enable/disable php modules like ioncube loader, zip, imagick, redis, memcached, etc. per cpanel account.

I can't find anything to do this in WebHost Manager/cPanel and it would be really great if it did have something similar.

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Hey Jason!

Thanks for reaching out. While this isn't currently on our roadmap, I'll open this up for discussion and see if it garners more votes. In the mean time, have you been able to achieve this using existing cPanel tools? If not, you should reach out to our support team at



Yes. I'm using the Software->Module Installer tool in WHM to install php modules now. I've got to install them (mostly with the PECL installer). Some requiring activating them in EasyApache and recompiling but most don't.

The problem seems to be the search function doesn't return the main modules that people use. I tried searching through the extensive list of modules and couldn't find the modules I needed. It wasn't until I entered redis, fileinfo, ioncube, imagick, and memcached would the modules appear. Then I could install them.

The long list didn't have these modules. Luckily, I knew the names of the modules I needed.

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