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Forward email to a group of email

Sopheakrith Koungkea shared this idea 6 months ago
Need More Information

We would like to request feature on cPanel to create group of email and forward email to that group.

So we don't need add forwarder one by one. It take much time to add one by one of our email.


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Could you please give me some more information (examples, etc) of a situation where you need this. I want to make sure I fully understand your request.

Koree A. Smith

Product Owner

cPanel, LLC


I think the OP would like to be able to set an e-mail address like "info@" or "service@" and then be able to select a few existing e-mail users (by checkboxes for example) that should receive all e-mails sent to this e-mail address rather than having to set up individual forwards of "Info@" for each e-mail account.

That feature would be quite useful for making things easier.

...The OP may also want to be able to put external e-mail addresses into the group as well...

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