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Widescreen support

cPanelAdamF shared this idea 13 months ago
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(created on behalf of forum users)

As a user with a widescreen monitor, I would like WHM to fill the full width of my screen either by widening elements, flowing elements differently, or revealing further elements with the additional space.

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For purposes of conversation, here's a ranked list of the most frequently used screen resolutions we see from our Interface Analytics across the past 30d. (thanks to everyone that chose to participate):

1920x1080 (1.8)

1366x768 (1.8)

1536x864 (1.8)


1280x720 (1.8)

1600x900 (1.8)

2560x1440 (1.8)




1360x768 (1.8)

The "(1.8)" portion is the aspect ratio. Internally we consider any aspect ratio over 1.7 to be "widescreen".

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