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I wan to rotated ip address

Unnamed User shared this idea 2 months ago
Need More Information

Hello Everyone, I have a cpnale account with 4 additional IP addresses. but when I send mail then only send from the primary address but I want to send from all IP addresses. I search google last 3 months I can not do it and can not find the proper doc. please help me.

i am a small freelancer who set up a mail server with IP rotation. i have many clients if I get success with IP rotation then I can offer my client buy Cpanel but at this time I am stuck.

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When you speak of rotating IP addresses, do you mean at the time of account provisioning, or are you speaking of a round robin mail server IP? I would love to discuss and consider your request, but I'm afraid I'm not clear on what you're asking.


Koree Smith

Product Owner

cPanel, LLC

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