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Jupiter: Provide custom content includes file just for home page

Sangeeth Sudheer shared this idea 13 months ago

Thanks a lot for adding back UI includes in the form of Content Includes feature in Jupiter. I see that we have different options for global content includes now and even for custom content in specific apps. But there doesn't seem to be one for loading just on the home page. This was available in Paper Lantern as but it doesn't look like there's a corresponding one even in the Appkeys list (seems empty).

Please consider adding one for this as well.

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I think I figured it out, although would love a confirmation: does fulfill this purpose now?


yes. We now refer to the main index page of Jupiter as the Tools page, so would be specific to the header area of that page only.

I'm sure others will have the same question as well, so I'll leave mark your request as completed for their reference!


Thanks a ton @cPanelAdamF

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