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Feature Request - Add help link for DoveCot date_specification syntax

will sherwood shared this idea 50 days ago
Need More Information

In the (user) cPanel Mail section for:

102.0.12 (STANDARD)

[specific email account]


Free up Email Storage

Messages to delete...

It would be helpful to have an informational/tooltips type of link to the syntax options. Currently there's only one example and it might appear like a typo if one doesn't know the syntax.

Please link directly to:

Tools/Doveadm/SearchQuery - Dovecot Wiki#section_date_specification

The dropdown choices (labels) might themselves appear to be legal syntax for adapting for a Custom Query, but are not valid syntax in and of themselves. Thus having the link for syntax helps.

Bonus: When you select one of the canned dropdown, have it fill in a (custom) query field (with the corresponding correct syntax) so you have the option then to modify the resulting query (that essentially becomes a guided custom query)

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Thanks for the feedback. While I could see a more powered user gaining understanding from having the dovecot queries available, we found that those caused further confusion in testing. We currently link to that additional information for the custom queries in the documentation, and would likely avoid adding to the cognitive load in the interface. What specific item looked to be a typo?

Dustin Scherer (he/him) | Product Owner | @dustinscherer

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