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Subversion SVN in Version Control

Ken S. shared this idea 13 months ago
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This was requested several years ago but I thought it better to create a new request than post there.

Although Git is currently very popular for version control, Subversion (SVN) is still used for many projects. It is the better choice in cases where its features are needed and/or a client-server model is preferable. That is our situation - both features and model fit our business. It is a critical application for us.

SVN setup is quite simple. We have it on our system, which uses WHM + cPanel. It would be ideal if cPanel accounts could access SVN in cPanel's version control section, as they can with Git. Right now, management has to be done via SSH. Clients, of course, can access repositories directly and perform tasks as needed.

Please consider this feature! It would be a great advantage for cPanel to offer this important choice. Providing Git and Subversion would give customers access to two distinct architectures and feature sets. It would help a lot of users and administrators have an alternative, rather than being forced into a box that does not fit everyone.

Thank you.

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