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mail-node: dedicated IP for outgoing e-mails

bejbi shared this idea 12 months ago
Not Planned

Many customers are buying dedicated IP only for e-mails - to sent out his e-mail via his dedicated IP. It is good for increase e-mail delivery (his e-mails is clear from RBL, and company with dedicated IP cares itself for it)

This settings doesn't work on mail-node (dedicated IP for account is only for Apache on master-node, not on mail-node).

This is main reason that mail-node is unusable at this moment. Dedicated IP for outgoing e-mail s on account should be imprement for mail-node.

For us it is main reason to not imprement mailnode yet. After imprement this we plan to implement mailnode right now :-)

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Thanks for the feedback! We want to circle back and make further improvements to mail node, but at this moment we are fairly heavily focused on High availability. When we find a place for the roadmap we'll circle back and update this Feature Request.

Dustin Scherer (he/him) | Product Owner | @dustinscherer

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