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Apply logic to update failure notifications

cPRex shared this idea 12 months ago
Not Planned

A cPanel update notification can be triggered due to the following error:

E [/usr/local/cpanel/scripts/find_outdated_services] 14: curl#52 - "Empty reply from server"
E [/usr/local/cpanel/scripts/find_outdated_services] Cannot find a valid baseurl for repo: repo_name
It would be nice if the update system was able to detect this is a mirror failure, and only notify the server admin if the failure happens repeatedly.

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Indeed this would be a nice feature to add. Keep in mind that email alerts often trigger the recipient to open a ticket with the web host, so it ends up costing time for several people.



Personally I'd like minor failures like this related to time outs/repos to just include a 'sleep 10 min' and try again. After the 3rd failure then error notify as normal.

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