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SpamAssassin Must Learn From Marking As Spam/Not Spam (via Webmail or IMAP)

fidividi shared this idea 12 months ago
Needs Review

As also discussed here: as of v104 cPanel is introducing this feature: Fixed case CPANEL-40670: Update cpanel-roundcubemail to

which means users can mark emails as spam or not spam via Roundcube on webmail to 'train' their SpamAssassin.

However, most users of hosting accounts don't use webmail and use IMAP (or even POP3) to manage their emails.

This feature request is to trigger sa-learn and train SpamAssassin when an email is moved to and from Junk folder via IMAP, and regardless of it being via Roundcube or not. OR, if too resource-heavy and expensive to do the sa-learn on every move, it can be an automated scheduled job that runs, but to be a default configurable feature under Tweak Settings just like many other ones with default behaviour toggled on.

POP3 is probably beyond the control and visibility of cPanel so not sure what can be done there really.

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