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Nginx - Allow to to purge cache for a specific page

Julien T. shared this idea 20 days ago
Not Planned

As a website owner, I would like to be able to send HTTP PURGE requests so that I can purge only specific pages and not the whole site to improve performance.

Long story short: Nginx supports the use of the HTTP PURGE, it needs to be added somehow in the config cPanel generates. This is often automated by the backend CMS so the use of the standard method (HTTP PURGE) vs use of cPanel API is preferred. As a starting point, allowing HTTP PURGE from server IP & localhost seems reasonable.

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Hey Jullen,

Unfortunately we can't support this in a shared hosting environment. There are security concerns when one user can clear/purge the cache of another when allowing access from localhost. You're welcome to extend our implementation of NGINX to support this on your server but this won't be something we explore due to security issues outlined above.

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