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Ability to Allow additional Custom cPanel Access at the User Level

Hosting Mundial shared this idea 11 months ago
In Progress

As a web hosting provider and system administrator, we'd like to have by default every cpanel account the possibility to allow additional cpanel user access to selected sections, like custom access at the user level.

It could be integrated in the already existing "User Manager" section inside cpanel and it will help to better manage cpanel tools by giving different access level to specific users.

This kind of functionality has been something basic for control panels in general.

User Case:

A proprietary cpanel user needs to temporary hire an external web developer to design and mount a web portal, which does not need to have access to email accounts, metrics, and other sensible sections, so you could create or edit an user and give it restricted cpanel access to only have FTP access and be able to login into cpanel but only see Databases, Software and Domains groups.

Inside "cPanel > Preferences > User Manager > Add User" already exist the form to extend its functionality and of course it implies lot of work to hide or show and secure cpanel groups and functionalities according to the profile.

In the future it could be consolidated to have some basic profiles like (Super Admin, Developer, Daily Email Admin, Marketing) which can contemplate by default certain groups, sections and functionalities according to their rol.

Attached you'll see a preview for the New/Edith user form.

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Hey there! This has been requested a few times and is something we're working towards!

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