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Ability to restrict sending outgoing email even to local accounts

Unnamed User shared this idea 15 months ago
Needs Review

Currently suspending sending outgoing email restriction, still allowed email to be sent to local account.

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Hey there! I'm not sure if this is a question or an issue with the mail service. When the outgoing mail is suspended, that doesn't change the incoming email handling at all. Are you seeing a problem with this behavior?


Referring to Request #94462661, support recommend me to submit this as a feature request.

LMTP is used to send local emails. At this time, there is no method in cPanel/WHM to prevent users from sending mail via LMTP. Suspending sending outgoing email only restrict SMTP not LMTP

Server Configuration > Tweak Setting > Select the action for the system to take on an email account when it detects a potential spammer > Reject outgoing mail will also not reject emails sent with LMTP

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