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Remove Unwanted Columns from list accounts in WHM

VF shared this idea 17 months ago
In Progress

We would like the ability to remove or hide the new column "Upgrade Opportunities" added to the list accounts page in WHM. The new column adds to the clutter, and holds no value for us or our resellers. We are getting a pretty steady stream of calls about people not liking the look of v104, and this is one of the many complaints. People seem to be rather frustrated that a lot of work is being done that does nothing but slow them down or interfere. To our clients, it appears as though we are working really hard to create issues for them to wrap their heads around, and apparently this is one of them.

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Hello! Rest assured the ability to enable or disable the Upgrade Opportunities reporting is currently being addressed and developed. We hope to have this option out very soon. Thank you for your feedback!

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