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Anti DDoS With Block IP Country

1001GROUP shared this idea 24 days ago
Not Planned

I see that cpHulk has a function to block IP by country, then cPanel I think should also upgrade this cpHulk.

cpHulk has an output in the User cPanel that allows customers to have DDoS Protection. The customer will set up which country is allowed to access first and when Anti DDoS simply turns on, the entire country is not allowed, they will not be able to access that user's website. This function will also run in the background when not enabled, it will check if the server suddenly has too many requests at the same time and will automatically enable IP blocking for a short time until the number of requests reduced. In the admin interface, there are functions like users and can decentralize management to allow users to use this function in hosting or not. User and admin can allow White IP from blocked country list. This is not the optimal method to combat DDoS but I find it also a necessary function for users and admins to minimize server downtime.

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Thanks for the suggestion! This is an interesting idea, however we are not able to prioritize any enhancements in cPHulk at this time, and this would not be a trivial enhancement to that system. If this changes, I'll be happy to open this for discussion.



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