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fix security advisor when using imunify

dzamanakos shared this idea 16 months ago
Needs Review

As a server administrator I would like cPanel's Security Advisor to make correct recommendations when imunify is used.

At this point, security advisor reports that i should enable cphulk, a service that is replaced by imunify firewall. There should be a check to remove this recommendation if imunify is installed.

Second false report is that " The MySQL service is currently configured to listen on all interfaces: (bind-address=*)" and it proposes to "Configure bind-address= in /etc/my.cnf or use the server’s firewall to restrict access to TCP port “3306”

I use the bind address to * by purpose and use firewall rules to manage the connections.

Cpanel should check if there is a port 3306 rule in the firewall (doing anything) and remove this recommendation as well.


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