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Roundcube features suggestions

Wojciech Babicz shared this idea 14 months ago
Not Planned

As a hosting administrator I would like to suggest adding some features for Roundcube in cPanel:

1. The ability to paste tables from Excel into the body of the message. Currently, it is possible, but tables appear without frames, it would be much clearer with frames.

2. Improved visibility of unread messages in a thread. Currently, when a new message appears in a thread, its main subject is only underlined, so it's easy to miss it.

3. Introduction of additional types of message marking, currently there is only one - in red.

4. Introduction of messages translations from most common languages like French, German, Chinese etc.

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This request really is about the 3rd party software Roundcube which we do use but do not develop. This request is best suited for them here .

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