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Add an option to change the default mail routing option from Local Routing to one of your choice

Ryan shared this idea 10 months ago
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As a webhosting provider, I would like an option added to be able to change the default mail routing from "Local Routing" to one of my choosing.

Third Party Mail Providers & Hosting Emails...

We as like many other providers are moving away / have moved away from providing email services as the likes of GSuite & Office365 offer far superior email services and have a far larger infrastructures than the vast majority of WHM/cPanel users have.

For my business, we ideally would remove "Automatic Routing", "Local Routing" and "Backup Routing" as options if we could because we don't take on any customers that require this functionality but of course I can't request for this functionality to be removed as plenty of users will still use them.

How this functionality would need to work

Ideally this functionality would work globally, similar to how the current global setting is "Local Routing" the new functionality would let you change that to any of the 5 routing options.

This would have to apply to both the feature of creating a "New Account" as well as automatically applying to new domains added to a cPanel account.

For example, on creating a new account if the default had been set to "Remote Mail Exchanger" then when you expand the Mail Routing Settings section you would see the following (Bold, selected and marked as "Default")


How this affects me

Every time I create a new cPanel account I have to remember to change the routing to "Remote Routing" and likewise when I create new domains on a cPanel account I have to remember to change the routing.

I cloned a cPanel account earlier today and I initially forgot to set the routing to remote routing which led to 10mins of confusion but could very easily lead to more issues.

Hopefully that is nice and clear for everyone!


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Thank you for submitting this, This modification is not currently on our roadmap, but I have set it to open discussion, and I encourage anyone that is voting for this to comment with the value this would bring to them as well as how this impacts your business.


I happily agree with this request. I am pretty sure this is a duplicate of an old feature request from years ago? In any event - we don't provide direct mail services to clients -at all- and it has long been frustrating that cPanel does not provide a product-level-presumption for website-only infrastructure. I would understand it more if we were still in the Netscape days, but come on folks haha.

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