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Allow to change upgrade branch all the time.

Monarobase shared this idea 8 days ago
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As a web-hosting provider I would like to be able to change the upgrade branch to stable whenever I want to so I don’t have to wait for the stable version to have the same version as the Edge, current or release branch.

I’m not asking for the ability to downgrade but for the ability to program a switch to a lower branch without waiting for cPanel versions to match.

For example, I have a server running cPanel version 106 and the current stable branch is 104, I want to be able to select the stable beach so that when 106 becomes stable the server moves automatically that branch.

Currently I have to wait for the current branch to become the same version as the release branch and manually change to release, then wait for the release branch to get the same version as the stable branch before being able to manually move to the stable branch.

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What are the problems you're trying to solve by wanting to do this? How often do these problems occur?


The problem I want to solve is that It's not easy to move from Current to Stable.

You only have a short timeframe (a few weeks per release) to change from Current to Stable.

I recently got bitten by the release of version 106 because I installed a server with current version and was unable to reduce to the stable branch at the time of the install, and I missed the short timeframe when Current has the same version as stable and the server was updated and almost all the translations were deleted without warning.

If I had been able to reduce the requested version to stable after the install I would not have been affected by this bad decision by cPanel.

Recently cPanel has been making quite alot of decisions that are not good for it's customers (unfinished Jupiter Theme enforced too early, depreciation message in Paper lantern when Jupiter was still not usable, deleting translations…).

Our only way to not be impacted too badly by these decisions is to use the stable branch but new servers are not installed by default on the stable branch.

This issue of wanting to change for Current or Release to Stable and not being able to so happens quite often. Almost every time we want to change versions we have to remember to check the server every week, which is annoying.

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