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Transfers: New Server IP address should not be added to SPF records if old one not listed

Richard Bairwell shared this idea 13 months ago
Not Planned

As a System Administrator, I would like

When I transfer a site from one cPanel server to another and the site has a "SPF" DNS record which does NOT include the current/old server IP address, then the SPF record is NOT modified to add the new server IP address.

so that:

SPF records remain "as wanted" and if an "no-email" SPF record is set to prevent spoofing that this is not changed.

Setting an SPF record to

v=spf1 -all
to indicate "no email will be sent from this domain name" is a common setting to prevent spoofing (see CloudFlare , Microsoft and DomainWireNews ) - but the Transfer Tool will change the previous to:

v=spf1 ip4: -all 
upon transfer to a server whose IP address is : potentially opening that domain name up to email spoofing from other users on that hosting server.

(ref ticket # 94477098 )

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I could definitely see a use for more granular control in the way SPF records are automagically updated during transfers. I'm going to mark this as "Not Planned" for now since it's not on our immediate roadmap, but I'll make sure to update this when we have a stronger plan of when to prioritize this.

Dustin Scherer (he/him) | Product Owner | @dustinscherer

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