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Notification when SSL is expired

Masta shared this idea 34 days ago
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In WHM >> Manage AutoSSL

If I enable autoSSL notifications I keep receiving emails about things failing when approaching edges. Expires in 30 days, expires in 10 days, etc... But since 99% of them eventually auto-update by themselves, I feel all those are unneeded warnings, as I have nothing to do 99% of the time anyway.

The problem is when the Certificate IS expired. THEN I have a problem. and THEN I need to act.

Is there a way to send me an email, SMS or other notification at the moment the SSL IS expired? Is there a way to monitor this inside Cpanel on a daily basis for all our accounts and auto-ssl setup?


I believe there should be another option in WHM >> Manage AutoSSL

  • + Notify the user for expired AutoSSL certificate only
  • + Notify the administrator for expired AutoSSL certificate only

Thanks for considering this feature.

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The notification options in the interface are simplified for consumption by users based on feedback we received from the user base, but we retained the more granular configurations in the API for folks who wanted more granular control.

Checkout and see if that control level better fits your needs.

Dustin Scherer (he/him) | Product Owner | @dustinscherer


HI cPanelDustin, Thans for the heads up.

1-But I am not sure how to use it. Is there a command line to set notify_autossl_expiry to ON for ALL accounts on the server? - Sorry not acquainted with the APi.

2-Also, notify_autossl_expiry seems the command closest to my need. BUT still not sure as the description is confusing. It seems to say that I will receive a notification when it expires, BUT then it mention that I will receive the notification when AutoSSL fails to renew - 2 different things for me.

  • notify_autossl_expiry — Whether to send a notification when an AutoSSL certificate expires. This occurs when AutoSSL cannot request a new certificate.

So I am still confused as per my original request. I don't care if AutoSSL can or cannot renew a cert. I want a notification when a cert is expired. This is my flag to log on the server and check what is wrong.

Thanks again!

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