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Allow users to change their own password in Webmail

James Stine shared this idea 23 days ago
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My daughter lives in a different state and I'm sure she would rather I did not know her email password. At this time, I must log onto cPanel and let her type in her password which is physically impossible for us without some sort of screen sharing application somehow from her phone to a PC. If a user can simply change their own password in Webmail or be forced to change it by the administrator it would resolve the issue.

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In Webmail there is a "Password & Security" section where she can change it.

If she logs automatically into roundcube then there is a link in the left bar to "Webmail Home" that gets her to that screen. Not sure about Horde. We have that disabled.


The way I've handled this in the past is to set a password, and then have the remote user reset their password with their backup email. Would this be sufficient to solve your need?

Dustin Scherer (he/him) | Product Owner | @dustinscherer


For my users, they can click on the Webmail Home icon on the left of their screen and select Password and Security to change their password. Problem solved. Thanks, all.

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