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One Year Secticgo SSL

Jason Hayes shared this idea 18 months ago
Not Planned

I'd like AutoSSL to be able to fetch a one year SSLfrom Sectigo/cPanel. It would reduce server load, protect the environment by consuming less electricity(like cryptomining) which we all want, and I could use it with Cloudflare because I would only have to pause Cloudflare once a year, to install it.

SSLs would be going green, too!

Furthermore, I think having a three year or five year model would actually be ideal. You can buy SSL of that length from Comodo, etc. It still has to check the SSL against the SSL origin server at GlobalSign, Comodo, Sectigo, etc., no matter how long the SSL is issued for.

It should be up to the server owner how long to get the SSL issue for. You could have these options:

  • 90-Day
  • 1-Year
  • 3-Year
  • 5-Year

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SSL certificates aren't really issued for multiple years any more since Apple and others don't accept that length any more. The multi-year plans are sold this way, but new certificates still need to be re-issued and re-installed AFAIK.

But a longer certificate period than right now would be great - that may help with Sectigo being unavailable that frequently. It'll free up the servers.


Mark is right. This isn't likely something we're aiming to support. We are always on board with reducing server loads and saving electricity, but unfortunately this one is out of our hands.

Dustin Scherer (he/him) | Product Owner | @dustinscherer

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