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Mass Selector in DNS Zone Manager

MidnightFalcon shared this idea 18 days ago
Not Planned

Supposing you have a customer with 29 subs.

With added service subdomains enabled, you are looking at something close to 21 x 29 = 609 DNS records.

In a situation where these didn't appear in the Domains >> Subdomains after migration, you need to re-add these records.

It means either deleting these manually (before adding them to a cluster) or writing a script for that.

Something like the "servicedomains" script to remove customer-added subdomains will be great.

But equally important is having a function in DNS Functions >> DNS Zone Manager >> $domain to mass select/delete these as you would do with Transfer.

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I'd love to see us expand functionality in this area. I have some plans to work on this in the near future. I'll come back here and update this when we get something more tangible on the roadmap.

Dustin Scherer (he/him) | Product Owner | @dustinscherer

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