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Adaptive Dark Mode Across WHM & cPanel

Ridgehead shared this idea 5 months ago

I am astounded this is still lacking.

Moreover, I have only just discovered that a dark paper lantern cPanel theme existed! I never knew about this, but now it's being removed!

I also raised a ticket with support about a lack of dark mode in Jupiter. My comments were along the lines of:

"Not in a million years, whilst you are constantly increasing prices above inflation rates, would you impose a theme that goes back to what you currently have"

...the response is to raise a feature request.

It really does baffle me. I followed this response up for more details, where I was given a slightly better response with a little more detail...

<code>Fixed case CPANEL-36969: Remove all references to the Light and Dark styles in Jupiter.</code>
It turns out, Jupiter did initially have a dark-mode. The support advisor tells me that their analytics showed it was barely used. Two points here:

1) I doubt they are capturing very accurate analytics, as I imagine tracking gets blocks for a lot of users

2) Most people probably never knew it existed! I certainly did not, so this is going to be whyi t's unused. The theme should adapt to the OS' theme by simply utilising the CSS media query:

@media (prefers-color-scheme: dark) {}

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Hey there! This is a change we plan to introduce in 2023, so I'm marking this as "Planned" for now!


That's great news, but it would be great if you could give us an exact ETA. I got a few complaints that want dark mode for Jupiter. They do not understand why cPanel didn't include it like Dark mode was formed for the old theme. cPanel needs to plan carefully for the next release stuff!

White backgrounds kill my eyes, as I mainly use WHM. Even DirectAdmin already has a dark mode for the admin role.e


Fantastic, I had no idea there was a theme switcher in previous versions.

Can't wait!

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