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Let cPanel users to setup external mail mx and SPF automatically by choosing provider

Daniel c shared this idea 10 months ago
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This is highly required feature, there an old cPanel plugin that were doing it and not longer suits Jupiter.

but this feature highly needed and reduce the clients needs for our support.

the abillity to choose external / internal mail routes.

for example if client choose "Google workspace" it will automatically modify his mx and spf records to google workspace, same with zoho or 365.

it can help us reduce the support needed to help clients setup dns records for external mail services.

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Do you remember the name of the plugin that previously did this?

Dustin Scherer (he/him) | Product Owner | @dustinscherer


Probably "Remote MX Wizard" ?


your right, sadly not supporting the jupiter theme.

hope cpanel build some built in open for it.

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