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A setting that adds a warning to emails from outside domains.

Patrick McFadden shared this idea 6 months ago
Needs Review

Essentially if an email comes in from outside our domain we need to be able to have some sort of flag added to (at minimum) the subject line ***Warning External***. Potentially also including a custom text block injected into the body such as:

***Attention*** This email originated from outside of Company_Name/domain_name.

We are a ~17 person technology company that designs and builds specialized electric motors for robotics applications. We run our company email server off of Cpanel. Recently there has been a significant jump in social engineering and spearfishing attacks in our industry. According to our government rep this is a problem across our entire sector and is believed to be state sponsored.

We need to implement some type of alert ASAP or we are going to be forced to switch over to exchange.

From what I am hearing from other people in similar situations (SMEs without a dedicated IT team and also working on emerging technology ) this is a rapidly evolving issue and is only expected to get worse. As I understand it, companies in this situation are seen as being a relatively weak link for harvesting emerging IP.

PLEASE find a way to address this as I suspect there are quite a few companies out there that are currently being impacted by this.


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