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MariaDB 10.11 support

B. Kp shared this idea 6 months ago

As a Database Administrator, I would like to have support for MariaDB 10.11 so that I can upgrade my existing database server.


NOTE: cPanel will only be supporting LTS releases of MariaDB:

MariaDB announced that version 10.11 (current status: RC) will be LTS.

So I want to make sure this request is logged and that it will be implemented as soon as it's possible.

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man they popping maraidb major versions nowdays faster than Wordpress



We do absolutely plan on supporting the next LTS version of MariaDB. When it becomes stable we'll move toward adding it. I'll update this when work on it is complete.


Hi Cpanel team,

Just under 2 months until MariaDB v10.3 reaches EOL, which is the currrent version we are on. We'd like to upgrade straight to 10.11, but its not supported by Cpanel yet.

Can someone from Cpanel confirm if support for 10.11 will be live/ga before 10.3 reaches EOL? (25 May 2023)

If so we will start testing/upgrade prep for 10.11. If not we will move 10.6 (highest currently supported by Cpanel).



At this point, I'd recommend moving to 10.6. While we're doing our final testing and hope to have 10.11 available soon, I doubt it will make it into a public cPanel build before the end of May.

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