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Please add all the operations from the old API 2 Fileman::fileop call to the new UAPI

Ram Freedman shared this idea 10 months ago
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I upload a zip file to my server via sftp and now I want to use a UAPI command to extract the file to a certain folder - but I don't see such a command in the documentation in the Manage Files section.

I see that in the old cPanel API 2 Functions there is this call: Fileman::fileop but there is also this warning:

We strongly recommend that you use UAPI instead of cPanel API 2. However, no equivalent UAPI function exists.

Can you please add the relevant API call to the UAPI so there will be a way to extract a zip file to a specific folder and all the other operations in the old API 2 - such as:

copy — Copy the file.
move — Move the file.
rename — Rename the file.
chmod — Change the file's permissions.
extract — Extract the file.
compress — Compress the file.
link — Create a symlink for the file.
unlink — Remove a symlink.
trash — Move the file to the .trash directory.
restorefile — Restore a file from the .trash directory.

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