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Supporting Almalinux 9

Daniel c shared this idea 3 months ago
Needs Review

Hey seems like Almalinux 9 is out and stable -

We would like to see the support of cPanel for Almalinux 9 -

Hope it will pop out to cPanel supporting it soon, as i guess after cPanel will support it, Cloudlinux will support CL9

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Please prioritize


needed for postgis !!


Yes, please, we need v.9 support from cPanel+WHM *asap*


Because migrating hosting accounts between past-EOL versions is time consuming, costly, and occasionally risky.

AlmaLinux 8 only has active support until May '24 (just over a year from now), but security support until March '29.

Whereas AlmaLinux 9 has active support until May '27, and security support until May '32

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