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Supporting Almalinux 9

Daniel c shared this idea 12 months ago
Needs Review

Hey seems like Almalinux 9 is out and stable -

We would like to see the support of cPanel for Almalinux 9 -

Hope it will pop out to cPanel supporting it soon, as i guess after cPanel will support it, Cloudlinux will support CL9

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Please prioritize


needed for postgis !!


Yes, please, we need v.9 support from cPanel+WHM *asap*


Because migrating hosting accounts between past-EOL versions is time consuming, costly, and occasionally risky.

AlmaLinux 8 only has active support until May '24 (just over a year from now), but security support until March '29.

Whereas AlmaLinux 9 has active support until May '27, and security support until May '32


Hi There

Please see:


AlmaLinux 9 seems to be supported by cPanel, just need to see support extend to 2032.

  • How long will cPanel support my chosen operating system?
  • AlmaLinux OS 9, CloudLinux 9, Rocky Linux 9 — May 31, 2027


How long will AlmaLinux be supported?

  • v9 - Released 26 May 2022 - Security Support Ends in 9 years (31 May 2032)
  • v8 - Released 30 Mar 2021 - Security Support Ends in 5 years and 10 months (01 Mar 2029)

Will cPanel extend support for AL v9 to 2032?

Thank You


I'm not sure this has been decided just yet. Since the extra time is only for security updates, I would expect version 10 or 11 to be released and stable by that point. We'll be sure to update our documentation once a decision is made about that.

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