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Backup notifications to an alternative email address

IT Department shared this idea 5 months ago
Needs Review

I posted on the main community forum and was asked to make this request here ...

A feature I think would be of use to most sys admins is the ability to be able to configure a separate email address for the backup notifications.

As it is now, all emails go to the system admin (in our case it's noc@) but all backups on other systems are configured to send to the system-backup@ email address. This makes it hard to track if the backups worked or not as the service desk have to look in two different mailboxes 9fd667d632e78756c825ba885bbd0e83

I've set up an EAC mail flow/transport rule to redirect the emails which seems to work for now but it'd be REALLY SUPER HANDY to be able to configure it in WHM.

Developers: Over to you!

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