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WordPress Toolkit: Global setting to disable core autoupdate

Unnamed User shared this idea 8 months ago
Needs Review

I am just starting to move a few dozen WordPress sites I've built to cPanel. I can already see the support tickets pouring in once I give clients the ability to DIY install WordPress that their website is down a few months down the road because of a breaking change change in a core update.

The ability to disable core updates by default would be amazing, and presumably save some headaches. I know the user can change this setting themselves in the setup, and yes, the user should absolutely be educated about this, BUT, in my experience users probably will not heed the warnings.

There are also cases like mine where I offer a manual service to update the core/plugins (after testing in a staging environment, etc), so more often than not I'll want this disabled.

I'm by no means saying make automatic updates disabled by default, but it'd be nice to have the global option to do so.

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